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MARAIS, is a multi-brand boutique housing a unique and highly curated selection of international luxury designers.


The boutique took residence in 2004 inside the former Turkish Bath House inside the coveted Royal Arcade, Melbourne. Inspired by a Parisian apartment aesthetic, highlighting uninterrupted French walls and parquet flooring, the boutique’s reputable approach in Australia welcomed renowned brands including Givenchy, Balenciaga, Celine and Alexander McQueen.


By 2014, MARAIS welcomed a two-floor womenswear boutique at the Parisian end of Bourke Street as a continuum to the brand’s empire. The boutique’s interior took inspiration from the ambience of a medieval castle when crafting the now iconic interior. The 3000-crystal chandelier plays centrepiece with a bespoke drawbridge-inspired hallway design, adorned with knightly mannequins showcasing new season arrivals.


While the men’s and women’s boutiques boast distinctly different aesthetics collective, MARAIS is focused on curating visionary seasonal collections aligned with each of the boutique’s DNA.


MARAIS’ multi brand concept has also given way to exclusive partnerships, events and in boutique pop-ups allowing the MARAIS boutiques to stand out as a its own brand, rarely seen in the Australian luxury space. 



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As part of Australian grown retail group, MARAIS AUSTRALIA is one of the franchise partners of LVMH group for GIVENCHY.


The first Givenchy Australian boutique opened in Westfield Sydney in November 2015.



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As part of Australian grown retail group, MARAIS AUSTRALIA is one of the franchise partners of NGG Group for OFF-WHITE.


The first Off-White Australia store opening in QV Melbourne in October 2017.



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  • 2004 July – Opening of MARAIS multi-brand Royal Arcade mens and womens 
  • 2005 March -Arrival of Balenciaga and Lanvin mens to Australia 
  • 2006 July – Arrival of Dhini and Frisoni Finetti, exclusive to Australia 
  • 2008 July - Arrival of Givenchy mens by Riccardo Tisci 
  • 2009 July - Arrival of Mastermind World to Australia 
  • 2011 February - Arrival of Givenchy womens by Riccardo Tisci 
  • 2011 April - Arrival of Balenciaga womens by Nicolas Ghesquière 
  • 2012 April - Puma x Hussein Chalayan ‘Urban Mobility’ SS12 launch at MARAIS 
  • 2012 September - Mastermind Japan launch with Masaaki Homma at MARAIS 
  • 2013 November - Linda Farrow 10-Year Celebration at MARAIS 
  • 2014 June - MARAIS multi-brand Royal Arcade shifts to menswear
  • 2014 July - Opening of MARAIS multi-brand womenswear at Bourke Street 
  • 2015 - November Opening of first Australian Givenchy boutique at Westfield, Sydney 
  • 2016 May - Opening of Givenchy boutique at Pacific Fair, Gold Coast 
  • 2016 November - Vogue’s most ‘beautiful Christmas windows of the world’ at Bourke Street 
  • 2016 December - Opening of Givenchy boutique at Chadstone, Melbourne 
  • 2017 June - Australian Chanel Exclusive Pop-Up for Metiers d’Art Pre-Fall ‘17 at MARAIS 
  • 2017 October - Opening of first Australian Off--White at QV, Melbourne 
  • 2017 December - Opening of Off--White at Westfield, Sydney 
  • 2019 May Exclusive Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2019 launch at MARAIS 
  • 2019 November - Opening of Givenchy at David Jones, Sydney 
  • 2020 January - LOEWE EYE/LOEWE/NATURE launch event
  • 2020 January - Launch Chinese New Year Window Display, ‘ENCHANTED MIDNIGHT MICE’




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