The Art Of Wearing Head-To-Toe Neutrals in Winter


There are plenty of downsides to the Australian winter—particularly in 2021, when we don’t have the reprieve of a warm weather getaway—but fashion isn’t one of them. Even the most ardent summer disciple can’t deny the allure of winter style, where we trade in our trusty rotation of denim cut-offs and breezy blouses for a more considered, head-to-toe approach to daily dressing. Clever layering, eye grabbing outerwear, chunky oversized knits, and delicious new-season ankle boots—the sartorial possibilities during winter are endless, particularly for those who are partial to neutral colour palettes.



Sacai, $1,800


Alexander McQueen, $1,700

‘Tabi’ ankle boots

Maison Margiela, $1,200


The key to pulling off winter neutrals? Follow these two rules. First, stick to variations on a single shade. Earthy hues like tan and copper are perfect for rugging up—tuck a body-hugging ribbed turtleneck into tailored trousers, and finish with a lug-soled sneaker (Balenciaga’s Triple S style is an enduring classic). Or, make a statement in eye-grabbing winter whites, beginning with Maison Margiela’s highly covetable cut-out denim, and ending with a great new-season crossbody by Off-White.



Off-White, $700

Cut-out jeans

Maison Margiela, $700


Balenciaga, $1,590


Second rule of thumb: nail your proportions. The key to winter dressing is balancing the pragmatic (warmth) with the aesthetic (not overwhelming your frame). To do this requires a certain degree of mathematical precision. Tuck knitwear into wide-leg jeans, but cinch at the waist with a statement belt. Or make breezy summer dresses winter-friendly by layering them over roll-necks, and tights, and finishing with chunky boots to balance out the femme factor.


Mini Hammock Drawstring Bag

Loewe, $2,850

Classic Logo Cardholder

Maison Margiela, $380

Replica Cut Out Sneakers

Maison Margiela, $620