"Moncler approached me about a collab and I took advantage of the moment to ask them to do something different — to customize a tour bus for Hun and I to make a road trip from lax to Michael Heizer’s ranch in Nevada… Heizer had invited us to see his monumental land art piece city , 48 years in the making… and I hadn’t been to the west coast since I moved to Europe 18 years ago… I was kind of thinking about Joseph Beuys traveling to the U.S. from Germany in the seventies, landing at JFK, being wrapped in felt and taken by ambulance to his N.Y. gallery to live with a wild coyote for 3 days in his installation I like America and America likes me , and then going straight back to Germany the same way…

Our tour would take us through Las Vegas and area 51 with a detour to Heizer’s double negative … this custom tour bus will be exhibited in Milan on February 19 and available to order, as well as the clothes Moncler made for Hun and I to wear on our tour..."

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