MARAIS Unveils ‘The Year of White Metal Ox’
As The Boutiques Annual Lunar New Year Window

MARAIS Women’s Boutique celebrates ‘Year of the White Metal Ox’ with a symbolic Red and Gold majestic bespoke installation of the Lunar New Year on the Parisian end of Bourke Street in Melbourne.

Resonating with 2021 Lunar New Year, Marais celebrates an installation of the ‘Year of the White Metal Ox’ by invigorating lucky colour for 2021: White, Silver and Aqua Blue, and let’s the imaginations run free.

This year’s installation, Marais uses luxuriant colours and artistic expressions to give the Year of Ox new meanings. In the new window, Clouds, Gold coins and Ox objects are brought to life in a surprising and imaginative way. Each cloud element design in the window was custom produced using foam base with gold foil prints, laser cut to various shapes and installed piece by piece. Metal coins objects are elegantly designed with 牛 character to present new hope, strength and determination.



The pièce de résistance to the window experience is the sharp-eyed curation of leather goods from CELINE, BALENCIAGA and Maison Margiela celebrating the invigorating 2021 lucky colour palette that signifying hope, luck and prosperity apart from the symbolic Red and Gold colours.

Founder and CEO of MARAIS, Hiromi Yu says, “We all look forward to heading into 2021. In the past year all of us have had to adjust to a period of social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we should be truly distancing ourselves in the communal sense. The year of metal Ox will be the year to bring support and stability, with hope to rebuild after a challenging period by finding new ways to embrace togetherness, and receiving a stronger sense of connection to a greater goal.”