Seoul-based WE11DONE, is the newly founded brand of Rare Market creators Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung. Debuting in 2015 with a collection full of athleisure and streetwear inspired silhouettes, the duo's ability to combine authenticity and and understanding of a stylish scene came to light. Driven to create a reimagined contemporary notion of luxury, the label has captured a new found to vision unisex pieces while pulling you in with a nostalgic feel of the 80s. Embrace it through the oversized cuts and mixing and matching over an extremely vast variety of luxurious fabrics. Employing the valuable first hand experience gained from Rare Market, the pair has been able to employ that insight into WE11DONE that gives the customer methodically conceived, elevated collections. Colour-block sherpa fleeces and humble oversized hoodies carry a sartorial timelessness with them, while lopsided fitted tees and plaid pullovers exemplify their elevated ways to reimagine classics.