The outcome of Your Picture / Our Future has been realised and here is Our Future…

‘This campaign is all about a ‘creative refreshing.’ We chose to work with three young, talented photographers, all of whom have their own untainted, creative visions. Fundamentally, they were able to grasp the unfiltered essence of the JW Anderson brand.” Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director JW Anderson.

Last season, the JW Anderson campaign took the form of a call for new talent, entitled Your Picture / Our Future. Following 1813 global submissions, an extensive judging process, and a final focus on 50 participants in an exhibition in London, three young image-makers were chosen from amongst that number to shoot the Autumn-Winter 2018 campaign.

Julie Greve, Simons Finnerty and Yelena Beletskaya each shot part of the Autumn-Winter 2018 JW Anderson campaign, and the results are both idiosyncratic and impressive. None was asked to divert from what they
fundamentally displayed as photographers with their initial submissions to Your Picture / Our Future, and each utilised a new perspective to engage with JW Anderson afresh.

Working with Jonathan Anderson (Creative Director JW Anderson), together with Benjamin Bruno (Creative Consultant
JW Anderson), and M/M Paris (the creatives behind the JW Anderson campaigns), the photographers were each given an individual edit of this season’s women’s and menswear collections to realise their aims, in the hope of preserving the unfiltered freshness found in their distinct styles.

Julie Greve harnesses her enigmatic world of girls for her campaign imagery, while Simons Finnerty utilises his idiosyncratic and amusing self-portraiture for his. At the same time, Yelena Beletskaya has embraced both men and women in her swirling, smoke-bombed informality.

Judge the results for yourselves here.